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Create detailed student skill maps for school, higher ed and work.

MARi’s CareerKit™ helps a student see how their academic achievements immediately translate to the real-world needs of higher ed and job-ready potential.
Community Colleges
Learning Science Researchers

Oh, the possibilities

In-Depth Career Exploration

Go beyond O-Net matches and RIASEC interest inventories to help students and adults truly explore possible career options.

Career & Academic Planning

Enable users to reach their goals, by letting them create a plan they can update from year to year. Introduce your audience to the opportunities and tracks specific to your school or state.

Custom Curriculum Support

Create your own custom MeMap® in MARi supported by your own as well as third-party experts’ content and standards.

Secure Course Hosting

Allow MARi to inexpensively host your content and provide your members with secure access to it.

Badging System

Create and give custom badges that can be stored in MARi for life with enough meta-data to provide future recommendations and reminders.

Learning Science Suite

Contribute to the science behind MARi by using the LSS to further a student’s understanding of their knowledge and skills.

Fellowship Program

Apply for seed grants to apply your research and interests for the benefit of the entire MARi Community.

Collaboration Efforts

We are always looking for collaborate partners to bring the power of MARi to more students, adults, and employees. If you have an idea for collaboration, please reach us at

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