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Your private, trusted, secure ecosystem

We designed MARi from the ground up to be the center of your personal, trusted, privacy-based ecosystem.

For all of us here at MARi, when we're working to achieve our goals, we want to know the areas we are doing great AND just as importantly, where we are falling short. But we really don't want to share our skill gaps with just anyone – and we don’t think you do either.
MARi asks thought provoking questions about your goals, provides quizzes, learning games, and exercises to help you find out where you are hitting a home run and where you have some more work to do. MARi helps you collect the information that makes it easier to explore careers, apply for a job, fill out a resume, and close skill gaps. We fiercely protect your information. We make sure it is used for your benefit and shared with the people that you trust to help you – parents, teachers, coaches, and trusted friends.
MARi has built-in privacy controls that manage different levels of information based on its sensitivity rating.
  1. You own your information.
  2. We help you manage the flow of information between 3rd party apps and services based on your consent and the strength of their privacy policies.
  3. We help you claim your information from the organizations that generate information about you: schools, employers, government agencies, etc.
  4. Your data is portable. You can back it up, download it, and take it with you at any time.
  5. You can still share — you just get to clearly choose with who.
  6. It will always work this way, or you will have ample notifications and time to opt-out.
  7. For Schools — MARi is FERPA Compliant.
  8. For kids under 13 — MARi is COPPA Compliant.
  9. For our schools, employers, and partners that are part of the MARi eco-system — you are collecting information about your students, employees, and members. You need this information. MARi ensures that you have what you need and the individual has what they need.
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