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MARi’s skill repository and data analytics help employers and employees work together to close skill gaps at scale.
Quickly create deep-skill “jobs specs” for all the jobs in your organization - that allow students, candidates and current employees to match themselves to your job-ready needs.

Communicate in Depth

Communicate job requirements with an incredible level of detail. Quickly create in-depth job descriptions.

Candidates Match & Close Job Gaps

Get candidates that match your requirements. Let candidates match themselves to your job.

Guide Your Employees

Provide employees continuous guidance on how their skills match up to future jobs in your organization. Use your detailed job profile to provide feedback to the employees.

We make it easy for you.

We work with schools, colleges, government agencies, and non-profits to ensure that your job candidates have the skills you are looking for. Turn your job description into a detailed MARi Job Profile and let candidates see how they match up.

Here's what you do.

1. Upload a standard job description.
2. Customize your MARi Job Profile.
3. Filter the top candidates aligned to your requirements.
4. Hire the perfect employees for the job.