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What are you capable of?

MARi will help you discover
and unleash your amazing potential at any point in life.

Time is Valuable

Life is too short to spend it filling out multitudes of online forms about who you are, what you are good at, where you can improve. And in some cases, we may not want to share our skills gaps with potential schools and employers. We just want to identify them and quickly close them.

An Eco-System of Resources

At MARi, we knew we could never be the domain experts to teach and guide a person in EVERY subject and skill. What we have done, though, is create a service that manages a trusted eco-system of subject matter experts that are equally committed to greater individual effectiveness and information privacy.

DigitalSelf™ - Toward a Lifelong Path

MARi is the result of 17 years of research & development focused on helping people more effectively get to where they want to go - in school, in career and in life. MARi is the first skills platform to take a “whole-person approach” - helping each person to build their lifelong DigitalSelf™.

The Science of MARi.

MARi is all about understanding you!
By diving deep into everything that makes you unique, MARi begins to see your personal pattern. Your digital self is made up of tens of thousands of Personal Attributes - each is unique, and they are all interconnected to form an intelligent network. The more you interact with MARi, the more you'll be understood — and a deeper understanding will lead to better recommendations, personalization and guidance on your journey.

Learn About Our Data and Learning Science Partners.

Managing Competency and Task Oriented Granularity in Shared User Models

One of the most fundamental challenges associated with sharing user model data between third-party independent learning applications is the matter of “grain-size”. Some applications acquire very fine-grained data about user actions and task completions. Other applications are only capable of more coarse observations and use a broader representation of skills, mastery levels, and competencies.

Download managing competency pdf link Download Managing Competency PDF.

Managing Effects of Time on Human Memory

Acquiring new skills is only the beginning of demonstrating proficiency in a subject area and maintaining that proficiency over time. Numerous studies dating all the way back to Herman Ebbinghaus' foundational work in memory retention in 1885 and continuing to present day have documented the effects of time on human memories and skill retention.

Download managing effects of time on human memory pdf link Download Managing Effects of Time PDF.

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