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for your future.

Your personalized career coach.


MARi brings the jobs to you.

You set your career goals and MARi uses intelligent analytics to personally match and fit you to thousands of career possibilities. You get access to the very best career tools and learning applications on the planet all customized to help you achieve your goals.

career possibilities that are right for you.
engaging games to improve and build skills.
Stay Fit
throughout your entire career and life.
Designed with you in mind.

Pay Nothing.

We made MARi free for you, for life. The data from our career tools is yours the minute you join.

Start Simple.

MARi easily captures your goals, helps build your profile, and provides friendly nudges to keep you motivated.

Access Anywhere.

It's simple to start exercising today with our web app. Stay tuned for our iOS app coming later this summer.

Feel Safe.

MARi is a fierce protector of your data. Our privacy policy ensures ownership, transparency, and consent.