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An intelligent personal platform for school and career.

MARi is currently in private BETA. We are working with a number of developers and researchers across the world.

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What is MARi?

MARi is a GPS for an individual's academic and career goals.

MARi is the first technology platform to track your knowledge on where you want to go - in school, your career, and your life.

MARi engages students in their future by giving them visibility and control of the path to get there.

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How Does MARi Work?

MARi helps an individual gather data from a variety of sources to create an accurate picture of where he or she is located within a particular academic subject area. MARi then applies a combination and information engineering, complex data modeling, and big data analytics to create an individualized map for each student.

Your data. For your benefit. Private. Secure.

The privacy and security of an individual’s data is built into the core philosophies and technologies of MARi. We use bank-level encryption and our privacy policies strictly limit what can be done with MARi data. We put you in charge of who has access to the data, for how long, and for what purpose.

Meet Us

Robin Hood College Success Prize Semi-finalist

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Get Involved

Over the last year we have been working with our partners in private pilots. If you would like to be added to that list, sign up here.

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As a developer you can build adaptive apps to assess knowledge.

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As a researcher you can access vast amounts of data for your studies.

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As an organization you can develop a program to get your students or employees to map their goals to available skills or jobs.

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